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Home and Apartment Cleaning Service

Experience the advantages of having a full-time housekeeper at a fraction of the expense. 



Numerous residential tasks can be outsourced, and maid service is definitely one of them!

Many busy individuals like yourself opt to hire professionals to clean their homes, as it let you to spend your valuable time with friends and families instead of scrubbing the floors or cleaning your ovens in the sunny Saturday afternoon.

At MaidThis Clean GTA, we provide Regular home cleaning services tailored to your needs. You can choose a specific day each week or set a customized schedule that suits you best. Our professional cleaners will arrive promptly and leave cleaning supplies at the front of your home before starting their work. Rest assured, they will meticulously sanitize and clean all surfaces in your home, ensuring a pristine environment.


Keeping our kitchen clean can be a real challenge. We use it every single day to whip up delicious meals for our families. For someone as busy as you are, finding the time to do a thorough cleaning is burdensome.


However, the oven, microwave, and fridge, they all accumulate grime and build-up over time. From stubborn grease stains to hidden crumbs, it's a never-ending battle. That's where the incredible team at MaidThis Clean comes in. They've got your back when it comes to kitchen cleaning.

Our regular cleaning package include these items for kitchen:

  • Dust and wipe table-top surfaces

  • Clean and shine sink

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Clean and wipe appliances (exterior)

  • Clean stovetop

  • Empty bins



Study shows that we stay in bathroom more than any other places within our home, and this is especially true for women. We all like a spotless bathroom, with every surface gleaming and smelling fresh, but we're always on the go, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities, leaving little room to scrub our bathrooms from top to bottom. However, bacteria and germs can quickly accumulate in the moist environment, and it is harmful for our health and wellbeing. That's where MaidThis Clean comes to the rescue! Their dedicated team of professionals can take care of all the cleaning for you, leaving your bathroom spotless and sparkling.

Our regular cleaning service include the following items for bathroom:

  • Wipe and sanitize all surfaces

  • Clean and shine sink

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean and sanitize toilets

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Clean shower faucets

  • Clean and scrub tub

  • Empty bins

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